Here are NELAart Second Saturday Gallery Listings for December 9, 2017. Have a great night!!

December 9, 2017
7-10 p.m. unless noted

Venue Listings:

Align Gallery
Metaphor. A group show featuring: Native Soul, 3Fourths, Zane Marie, Thirdeyedea, Patchouli Nomad.
5045 York Boulevard    
6-10 p.m. 

Arroyo Arts Collective at Avenue 50 Studio
Resonance. Artworks by Guadulesa Rivera. Guadulesa acknowledges the meditative aspect of creating art. Life events, people around her, Nature and the unseen world of energy, all play a part in her inspiration. Her abstract or loosely figurative works reflect spontaneity, strong rhythm, texture and color blends. She often engages the resonant vibrations of music to focus in the moment and block out all discordant influences. She meditates with the 5 healing tones of her Tsalagi (Cherokee) ancestors and sometimes paints in live performance with jazz musicians.
131 North Avenue 50 


The Artform Studio
Depth. Uninstructed life drawing session hosted by Jazmin Hicks, celebrating the life and legacy of Jean Michel Basquiat. Live model Darlene Tran styled by artist Sherri Silva. Participation is $20 or $15 plus an unwrapped toy for Children’s Hospital. RSVP to 
5611 North Figueroa Street 


Avenue 50 Studio
-Gimme Shelter. “…a storm is threat’ning,/My very life today/If I don’t get some shelter/….I’m gonna fade away….” The opening lyrics to the Rolling Stones’ 1969 classic rock song still rings true today. In that spirit, Avenue 50 Studio invited artists to submit work speaking to the words of the song written by Keith Richards. The powerful title, “Gimme Shelter”, also carries association with the historic displacement and homelessness currently raging throughout our City. Through this exhibition, artists are the voice of reason and compassion in the face of out of control capitalism, bigotry, racism and chauvinism. Curated by Kathy Gallegos. Artists: Adam Villanueva, Aslym, Cecily Willis, Daniel Amador, Elmer Guevara, Ernesto Vasquez, Eyeone, Greedy Bastards, Guadulesa Rivera, Hembert Guardado, Lisette Carrasco, Martin Bustamante, Melanie Maria Ciccone, Mercedes E. Vasquez, Michelle Dakan, Nelson Munares, Patrick Quinn, Peter Liashkov, Roque Torres, Stephanie Sherwood, Steven Felix-Jager and Victor Reyes.

-Portraits: The Faces of Margaret Garcia’s Workshop. Curated by Art Carrillo. Artists: Art Carrillo, Margaret Garcia, Gloria Molina, Bonnie Lambert, Gloria Vazquez Warner, Frank Montoya, Lynn Dwyer, Nolan Fansler, Noel Alumit and Estela Hyde, Natalie Fratino.

-Avenue 50 Studio’s Annual 8x8 Silent Art Auction. Starting bid on all work is $100. Artists: Bonnie Lambert, Cidne Hart, Douglas Alvarez, Emmanuel Figueroa, Ernesto Vasquez, Frank Romero, Gisel Vincent-Osuna, Grey James, Gwen Freeman, Heather Hoggan, Heriberto Luna, Isabel Martinez, Jessica Ceballos, Jessica Rocha, Jin Tang, J Michael Walker, Jaime Chavez, Johnny Quintanilla, Jose Lozano, Judith Amdur, Kathi Flood, Katrina Alexy, Kevin Hass, Leo Eguarte, Leonard Greco, Mar Abela, Margaret Garcia, Margaret Sosa, Melly Trochez, Nancy Romero, Peter Hess, Peter Tovar, Rafael Delgado, Ralph Massey, Raoul De la Sota, Ric Rodriguez, Ric Wilson, Richard Gomez, Rodrick Smith, Rosalie Lopez, Rosie Getz, Sergio Teran, Sonia Romero, Steven Correa, Susanna Negrete, Susanna Urquiza, Toti O’Brien and Vojislav Radovanovic.
131 North Avenue 50

Avenue 50 Studio Satellite Gallery
1268 North Avenue 50 

Bike Oven Spoke (N) Art Ride
Meet at the Bike Oven for a fun, slow-paced bicycle tour of art galleries. Blinkie lights recommended.
3706 North Figueroa Street
Meet up at 6p.m. 

The Glass Studio
Glass art by Cathi Milligan.
5668 York Boulevard

Highland Cafe
Brad Byrd Art Showcase. Art opening and live performance.
5010 York Boulevard
5-9 p.m.

K+M Coffee
Holiday Mart. All things handmade by local artists.
5537 North Figueroa Street
6-9 p.m. 

Matters of Space
Holiday Artwalk Soiree. 20% off all purchases in-store between 6-8 p.m. Plus, print work by Robey Clark. 
5005 York Boulevard

Mindfulnest on York  
5050 York Boulevard

Mi Vida
Lupita. A night of art, music, and food, featuring art by José Ramirez, all inspired by the queen of our community.
5159 York Boulevard
7-11 p.m.

Namaste Highland Park
5th Anniversary. Art, live music, more.
5118 York Boulevard
7-9 p.m.

Rental Girl
Holiday Bazaar Spectacular. With BeeSoup Collective: ink prints, cards, zines, pins, patches, paintings, sculptures, and oil essential blends. Holiday Carolers will be adding festive cheer.
4760 York Boulevard

5054 York Boulevard