Here are NELAart Second Saturday Gallery Listings for July 8, 2017. Have a great night!!

July 8, 2017
7-10 p.m. unless noted

Venue Listings:

Align Gallery
Organitexture by Jordan Quintero
The essential dichotomy between the sinister and beauitiful found in nature. Quintero's interest in the tension between the organic and the technological makes his paintings vivid and dynamic. 
5045 York Boulevard    
6-10 p.m. 

Arroyo Arts Collective at Avenue 50 Studio
A Tapestry of Resistance by BetZ Ross, and works by Gwen Freeman, Alden Marin, and more. 
131 North Avenue 50

Avenue 50 Studio
-Faces in the Crowd. Featuring work by Alden Marin, Gwen Freeman, Stuart Rappaport, Barbara Ciolino, Heather Hoggan, and more. (In conjunction with the Arroyo Arts Collective.)
-North of the Grapevine. Curated by Frank Delgado, Director, Arte Américas, Fresno. In 2016, an inaugural exhibition in Fresno was presented with the title South of the Grapevine, which makes reference to the infamous–and sometimes treacherous–40-mile stretch of highway that connects Central and Southern California. This year, in collaboration with Avenue 50 Studio, the second stage of the project unfolds with the presentation of two concurrent exhibitions. The project was envisioned to be a cultural exchange between the two visual art communities; and each of the works serve as aesthetic ambassadors of our respective cities. Each iteration of the dual-city exhibitions is intended to expose new audiences to a lineup of notable cross-regional artists in addition to deepening the understanding and appreciation for our California neighbors.
-Summer in the City. Featuring: Bonnie Lambert, Connie Rohman, David Botello, Emi Motokawa, Hembert Guardado, Isabel Martinez, Jorge Bernal, Margaret Garcia, Martin Charlot, Melly Trochez, Rosalie M. Lopez, Steven Correa, Toti O’Brien, Val Echavarria.
-Snapshots. Artist and illustrator Ronald J. Llanos. New works exhibited alongside some older works that have not been exhibited or have not been shown at Avenue 50 Studio. 
-Leonard Greco, Fairyland. "The very name “Fairyland”, a word once delivered with bloody blows transcends beyond with a message of empathy, compassion. pride, and I hope , humor. Reclaiming the fairy has been empowering. The art I attempt to create is intended to express the spirit of furtive repression breaking free." 
131 North Avenue 50

Avenue 50 Studio Satellite Gallery
Abstraction in An Abstract World. Works by Antonio Perez. Antonio Perez is a self-taught, Los Angeles based artist working in disciplines of printmaker and ceramics. He has devoted over a decade to teaching children art in local communities.
1270 North Avenue 50

Bike Oven Spoke (N) Art Ride
Meet at the Bike Oven for a fun, slow-paced bicycle tour of art galleries. Blinkie lights recommended.
3706 North Figueroa Street
Meet up at 6p.m.

Collective Arts Incubator
1200 North Avenue 54

The Bandit Life. Photography exhibition and pop-up shop. Curated by Fern Chavez. DJ sets. 
5630 North Figueroa Street
7 p.m.-2 a.m. 21+

Keystone Gallery
An art show and fundraiser for Oliver and Allison during his ongoing dance with cancer. Lita Albuquerque, Nurit Avesar, Sasha Bell, Kerry Buchman, Carolyn Castaño, York Chang, Leonardo Chalupowicz, Trine Churchill, Douglas Felde, Olivia Fougeirol, Verity Freebern, Salomon Huerta. Madeleine Ignon, Matt Jones, Karen Kang, Roy Kesrouani, Jay Lizo, Charles Long, Krista Machovina, Melanie Mandl, Taline Olmessakian, Marjam Oskoui, Ruby Osorio, Nancy Popp, Christine Rasmussen, D. J. Richardson, S. Lee Robinson, Connie Rohman, Juliana Sabinson, Cam Sanders, Lauren Scanlon, Sarah Staskauskas, Felis Stella, Dean Styers, Micke Tong, Jesse Vogel.
338 South Avenue 16
6-8 p.m. 

Kindness and Mischief
5537 North Figueroa Street

Las Fotos Project
A Woman's Work, Youth Photo Exhibit. A Woman’s Work showcases photographs by seventeen students of Las Fotos Project who have been documenting women in their workplaces since April of 2017. The artists highlight an eclectic mix of individuals at different stages in their careers and walks of life to explore the various occupations that women undertake.
2658 Pasadena Avenue
7-9 p.m.

Mindfulnest on York  
5050 York Boulevard

Mi Vida
Frida Kahlo: Come Forth As Gold. Art by Denise Cortes. +DJ, food. 
5159 York Boulevard
7-11 p.m. 

Namaste Highland Park
Mallory Bass, Colors. Mallory Bass is a writer and artist living in Highland Park. Mallory is driven by shapes that hold space for us to feel moments, like colors spreading out onto paper.
5118 York Boulevard
7-9 p.m.

Rental Girl
Art and live music. 
4760 York Boulevard

Rock Rose Gallery & Production Studio
4108 North Figueroa Street

Social Study
Bebop Records Show Posters Window Display
5028 York Boulevard

-David Diaz: Vessels. His icons are renderings using vegetable dyes, gouache, pastels, gold, pencil and acrylic along with adobe graphics. “Vessels” are reflected in his paintings as watercrafts that travel on water. Within the shapes of his hollow container ceramics, vessels are embodied as carrying that particular quality. 
-Kelly Brumfield-Woods: Subverted. Subverted exhibits a carefully curated selection of paintings that explore color theory, and the aesthetic opticality of light and space through a series of geometric abstractions, vibrant colors, and glitter.
Live music. 
1492 Colorado Boulevard
6-9 p.m. 

5054 York Boulevard